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What are the First Steps After Being Accused of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault?

What are the First Steps After Being Accused of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault?

Domestic violence and sexual assault are serious yet common allegations that can come with dire consequences under criminal law. Should you have been accused of domestic violence or sexual assault, you could be left feeling vulnerable, exposed, angry, and afraid for your reputation and future. This is especially true if you feel you’ve been wrongly accused. 

It’s always best to consider consulting a criminal defense attorney who is on your side. With the assistance of an attorney, you can learn your next steps and how to proceed to clear your name.  Reach out to STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers today to discuss how we can defend against your charges.

What to Do When Accused

When you’re accused of domestic violence or sexual assault, you must be careful in moving forward. 

  • Remain Silent

The last thing you should do is admit fault or apologize. You should also avoid speaking to law enforcement detectives, the police, or other authorities about the crimes you have been accused of without your attorney present. This is because anything you say about the crime can and likely will be used against you if your case goes to trial. 

However, you should still cooperate with law enforcement as you don’t want to be charged with resisting arrest or obstructing justice. Ultimately, you should presume you’re in trouble and that there is evidence against you, so don’t make statements to authorities before you understand where you stand. 

  • Get In Contact With An Attorney

You need to contact a criminal defense attorney when you realize that you have been accused of either domestic violence or sexual assault. The earlier you speak with one, the better your chances of resolving your case before things get too messy. If you have been arrested, your first call should be to a competent lawyer. 

Once you contact your attorney, they will assess your current situation, obtain relevant evidence, and create a game plan surrounding how to ensure that you receive the most favorable case outcome possible. Ultimately, your attorney will prevent you from saying things you shouldn’t while guiding you throughout the legal process. 

  • Stay Away From Social Media

The last thing you should do is go on social media and disparage the person who is accusing you of domestic violence or sexual assault. If you do, you risk people taking photos or screenshots of what you have said, which can be used against you. 

  • Create A Timeline

One of the very first things you must do when you have learned that you’ve been accused of domestic violence or sexual assault is to create a timeline of events. Writing down a timeline is crucial, as your memories can fade after a few weeks or months, which can negatively affect your case. 

When creating a timeline of events, you need to include the locations, names of those involved, times, dates, and names of any witnesses to the alleged events. Additionally, you should write down what you believe happened. Your attorney can try to get statements from witnesses before their memories begin to fade. 

  • Stop Communicating With Your Accuser

It’s never a good idea to continue speaking to your accuser when you’re facing sexual assault charges or domestic abuse charges. This is because verbal and written communication can be used against you. For example, if you apologize over a text message, this could be seen as you admitting fault. To avoid all possible repercussions, cease speaking to them until your attorney tells you to. 

Speak With A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Today To Discuss Your Next Steps

Should you have been accused of domestic violence or sexual assault, the criminal defense attorneys at STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers are ready to help you. With decades of experience, our firm has won numerous cases of those who have been accused of these crimes. 

When you choose us, you can trust that we will work with you to fully understand your legal situation so that we can achieve the best possible outcome for you. Contact our firm today, and we will discuss your case during an obligation-free consultation. 

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